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How to Shop for Electronics on a Budget

Electronics are some of the most exciting things to shop for. This applies to everyone, but particularly to men, who just don’t get the same satisfaction from getting new shoes or a handbag like a lady might. Anyway, electronics are one of the most popular things for consumers to shop for. That’s why so many people upgrade to the newest smartphone, television, or tablet.

But what are those of us to do who are on a bit more of a budget and can’t afford the newest iPhone and 4K TV as soon as they come out? Great question. One frustration many people have is that they simply aren’t able to afford many of the new electronics as they are released. In a culture that’s oversaturated with consumerism, it’s easy to get caught up in always wanted the latest product. But that’s only half of the issue.

The other half is that there actually is somewhat of a solution. Most people can’t always afford the very latest tech. But there are ways to compensate, including selling old products to make new ones cheaper, being patient for a year or two until the newer products become more affordable, and going for brands that are less expensive but just as competent.

Electronics Shopping on a Budget

Sell the Old Devices

One of the easiest tricks out there for those that are wanting to get some of the latest, more expensive products, like an iPhone 7 Plus, a new 4K TV, or maybe even an Oculus Rift headset, ought to consider selling some of their older electronics in order to make room – both in their wallet and in their living room – to be able to afford some of the latest tech gear.

One reason many people wait to sell their current electronics is that they don’t want to until they already have the newer models. But selling the older products beforehand can help them have enough money to be able to afford the newer devices.

For example, eBay is a great place to sell an old iPhone. If you want the new iPhone 7 Plus and can go a few days without a phone (not as hard as it sounds), then you may consider selling your current iPhone on eBay, or a similar site, and using that extra cash to purchase a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Just remember to keep your SIM card. Here is a great article on removing the SIM card from most of the older iPhone models out there. However, remember that the SIM card that came with an older model won’t fit into an iPhone 7.

Patience is Hard but Worth it

One of the best tools in shopping for electronics is patience. I haven’t gotten the iPhone 7 Plus. Not yet. I’m waiting for an upgrade. There are lots of ways to get around spending hundreds of dollars on new tech. Whether through an upgrade or through time, products will eventually get cheaper. The best way to get newer smartphones, tablets, and laptops at a cheaper price is to wait a year until the prices go down.

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