Lowell Eaton

Snapshot of me
Taken by the beach.

Welcome to EduTech International! If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a teacher or a student. I’m here to teach you everything about educational tech and how it can be used in not only the classroom, but also your daily life. I think in the modern school system, a lot of teachers automatically think technology is bad because tons of students come in and get distracted by their smartphones. But that’s just not true. Whether you like it or not, kids today need to learn how to use technology in a responsible way.

Why’s That?

It’s simple. If you haven’t noticed, our world is becoming more and more consumed by technology. For example, over the past 10 years, I’ve been making a living as a freelancer, coding websites for individuals and businesses. But when I graduated from college several decades ago, I never would have thought that was possible. Accessing the Internet was such a hassle! Yet now, everyone can log on in seconds using their smartphones, wherever they are. To learn about a new subject, it would usually take a whole afternoon at the library, searching through encyclopedias. And today? I can usually find what I’m looking for within 10 minutes.

Because technology is creating new jobs and opportunities, it’s essential that students, of all ages, learn about educational tech. The truth is, if they don’t, they’ll be at a severe disadvantage when it comes time to apply to jobs, or even attend college. If you’re a student, what interests you the most? What kind of fields are you looking to go into once you graduate high school or college? Contact me and let me know, because I’d like to help you in any way I can. I’m really looking forward to seeing newer generations succeed in this digital world. And I hope that my work is going to be a part of it.