I Tried Instacart And It Changed My Life

I Tried Instacart 

Have you ever heard of the term Instacart? I didn’t either until about a month ago. I always thought that people who had their groceries delivered were just lazy, and that they must have a lot of money. But then I tried Instacart and I was instantly a huge fan of grocery delivery. You can also ask Amazon’s Alex to order items online. If you haven’t tried Instacart or any other grocery delivery service before, this is how it works:


I tried instacart
Fresh Groceries Without Leaving Your House

Shop Their Website

To start shopping for groceries download their app or go on their website. You can shop from popular local stores and buy what you would normally get from a grocery store. Just add it to your online shopping cart and pay with a credit card. A few hours later and you will have fresh groceries at your door. There is a delivery fee but it was much lower than I expected. I would still background check the delivery driver. 

Save Time

I used to think that grocery shopping was just one of those household chores that I was expected to do as an adult. But realizing that I don’t have to waste these hours was enlightening. This gives me more time to do next chore, the next appointment, or go to work. Saving hours of my time each week is well worth the small delivery fee. Not to mention all the hassle it saves and not having to deal with traffic. 

I tried instacart
Truck Delivering Groceries

Amazon Prime

If you have never tried Instacart, you should research the grocery delivery options in your area. There are lots of companies now that will deliver groceries and other items to your home. If you have Amazon Prime you can even get groceries and meals delivered from Whole Foods in just a couple of hours. Grocery delivery is definitely becoming the new normal for people who are busy with family and work. 

There are only so many hours in the day. If you find yourself constantly stressed and feeling like there’s never enough time to get things done, try grocery delivery. This will free up some of your time and reduce your worries. You’ll be amazed at how much it will simplify your life and how much time and stress you will save. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post budgeting in the digital world